Ground Handling
Our team consists of well experienced staff in Aviation History and they are capable to tackle all inconveniences that may cause during an operation as we have a good relationship with Maldives Airports Company and very well understand the procedures how to provide all services swiftly, smoothly and safely.

Our team is capable to handle private Jets with VIP services and Commercial Airlines as well. We can serve you from the smallest aircraft and upto B747-400 or AN-124. According to the strength and length of Runway and Parking Capacity the largest Aircraft that could Land to Male’ International Airport (VRMM) is B747-400 / AN-124.

Male’ International Airport has all types of equipments (Mobile Stairs, Busses, High Loaders, Conveyor Belts, Baggage Tractors, Carts, Dollies, Air Start Units, Ground Power Units, Air condition Unit, re-fuellers, fire trucks, tow tractors ... etc ) which can be used to serve all types of Aircrafts.